Return your overdue books on August 31st

Clear your library account–and your conscience–on International Return Your Library Books Day.

They’re out there. Under your bed. On a child’s bookshelf. In a pile beside the door. Overdue books that need to be returned to the library. Now, it’s OK to turn them in.

It’s easy to forget to return library books. But library books belong to the city or county that you live in. When you keep a book for a long time, other people who want to read it don’t get the opportunity. Library books also represent an investment of millions of taxpayer dollars. And thousands of books go missing from library shelves, never to be returned again. Librarians miss their books–and your patronage!

Your pile of overdue books may even have prevented you from visiting the library recently. But it’s OK. Most of the time, library fines don’t accumulate over years. Each book will probably have a maximum fine of around $5.00. Even if you have a large fine, you may be able to negotiate it, receive partial forgiveness or pay it in increments. And while you may face a fine, you will not get in legal trouble for returning your library books, no matter how long they’re overdue. In fact, most librarians will be happy to see their long overdue books return to the library. So this August 31, show your support for libraries by returning every overdue library book you can find.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Return your overdue books. Gather them together and drop them in the appropriate book drop. Or mail them in.
  2. Pay your fines. You’ll feel better.
  3. Face the music. If you’ve lost or damaged a library book, pay for a replacement.

Thank you so much for returning your books. And keep in mind that you can celebrate Return Your Library Books Day every day of the year.